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 If your desire is to create a serene place with exotic plants, colorful fish and the soothing sound of water, we can help.   My name is Joey Parrack, owner of Aquatic Artistry. We would like to assist you in enhancing the ambiance of your home or workplace.   I am an Artisan.   My principle medium is stone.  Water (hydro-dynamics), botanicals, and fish are all parts of my palette.   Combining these elements of nature is not only my profession ,  It's my passion.  Our experienced designers and stone masons will provide the results you desire.   Our services include design, construction, consultation, maintenance, repair, remodeling and restoration of water features of all types and scale.  Aquatic Artistry services the Dallas, Ft Worth area.

Please contact us If you are in need of our skills.  (214) 826-2728  email

scroll down to see photo gallery

scroll down to see photo gallery

Aquatic Artistry.
'we make beautiful places'

This 4000 gallon Koi pond is designed to project the sounds of the six foot waterfall towards the house, note the terraced side spills.

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